Attractive landmarks in the world

There are many places and places in the whole world which are very famous among the people of the whole world for their own reason, where the number of people visiting them is increasing day by day. And famous monuments, including landmarks around the world, are places that become wonder-types because of their location and special architecture. Tourists must visit these places which are great places to visit with your friends and close family as they will enjoy themselves along with you.

I have mentioned some such places in my article, if you are going to these countries or planning to go, then you must visit this article to know so that you do not miss this place. Because they are located on six continents in the seven continents of our planet, which are major countries such as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America and Oceania, including Australia, these world-famous places attract thousands and millions of tourists every year. They are attractive places for tourists because tourists must visit there and also enjoy them.

List of landmarks in the world

Actually, there are four famous places in the world that people must visit if they are planning to vacation

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Great wall of china
  3. Kremlin Palace in Russia
  4. Leaning Tower Pisa Italy

Eiffel tower, France

France, the strongest and most beautiful country in the world, is known all over the world for its Eiffel Tower. This metal tower, made of several floors, is standing in the center of the famous French city of Paris, which looks beautiful even from a distance. This tower of the French Revolution was built in memory of these people and today people all over the world know it and people want to visit it.

The world-famous Eiffel Tower, which is more than 1000 feet high, also known as Auguste Eiffel, was designed by a team of skilled engineers and has stood to date due to its own structure. If you want to walk to the floor, stairs are also used. There are more than seven hundred stairs to go up and climb. An elevator has also been installed instead of stairs for those people who are old or who cannot walk. This service has been extended to provide the best convenience to them as well

So far in this twentieth century, the number of people who have climbed on top of this tower has exceeded two crore people, and only in the year 2016, has a significant increase in the number of visitors to this tower been seen, which is also the best work. There is information and people’s opinion about it, which is the reason why people want to visit it and then return to the original work.

Wall of china

The Great Wall of China, known to the world as the Great Wall of China, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Runs in sections over a long distance, all these scenes are to be seen in China

The Great Wall of China is known worldwide as the ‘Long Wall of China because it was built thousands of kilometers long to protect China in ancient times. The materials used are stones, bricks, tiles, and wood. It took China 2,000 years to build the wall, and it was completed in 165, which was declared the protection of China. In its original position and condition, China is now considered one of the largest and most developed countries in the world. In ancient times, this wall was established to protect China from external attacks and to keep the people of China safe. They were damaged, so this wall has been built, which is still in its original position

Today, the Great Wall of China is the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world, whoever goes on a visit to China, must also visit this wall, which has more than 20,000 lighthouses built in beautiful places. The most famous and beautiful place of attraction is a Kha which about one crore people visit this place every year.

Kremlin and Red square Russia

The Grand Kremlin Palace of Russia is known as the Kremlin complex, which is the icon of the country and part of it. It is located in Red Square in Moscow, the capital and largest city of Russia.

The Kremlin, a fortress-like palace with completely enclosed walls, was built along the Russian River, which bears the same name as the Moscow, to enhance its grandeur. In Russian, the name Kremlin means a palace-like fortress within the city. The magnificent Kremlin is more than 500 years old. In addition, five other palaces are also included

The fortress-like Kremlin Palace was once the residence and sanctuary of the tsars. Today, it is the special residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Also called and read St. Basil’s Cathedral, it is easily recognized from a distance due to its nine brightly colored onion domes that, even from a distance, look like they were enlarged on paper. has happened

Leaning tower of Pisa Italy

The strange leaning tower of Italy’s famous city of Pisa, which is one of the main famous tourist places in Italy, where people visit in millions. This tower of Pisa almost takes a long time to build, and millions of tourists come every year to enjoy it let’s do it.

The original height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is around 200 feet, but as it leans, the lowest part is now less than 56 meters/184 feet. Construction had already created many problems as the soil was soft, sandy, and unstable.

In 2000, the tower was strengthened by placing reinforced soil under the tower. You can climb the 251 steps to the top of the tower to the viewing platform which is an amazing experience. And of course, take a picture of yourself from the lawn next to the tower to ‘hold’ the tower.

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