Top 10 Travelling Spots in Piazza San Marco Venice

It’s a beautiful city known for various things that make it different from other cities of Venice. Commonly called Piazza. We search about the piazza san Marco Venice history, nearby ninth century. Also, considered Napoleon’s favorite city for its elegance. There are various spots that you can visit and enjoy the traveler’s journey. Thousand of tourists visit Italy just because of its beauty. Most tourists come to it Piazza San Marco Venice its attraction beauty and historical background. For further information details and any travel advisory visit this site.

If we talk about the piazza san Marco location you will see it in Venice. It is famous for its beautiful rich buildings and historical royal structures. Piazza san Marco hotels are also an attraction for visitors that comes to a piazza with zeal and zest. Piazza san Marco city becomes famous for their tourist.

That’s the best place to visit are available which all tourist can be visit. It’s helpful for new travelers who visit for the first time

1.    Caffé Florian

If we talk about Piazza San Micrco can forget the beautiful, royal Caffe Florian that was made in 1970 in Piazza San Marco, Venice. This is the specialty of Piazza San Marco. The price of a single mug of auric coffee is €12 ($13.20). Caffe Florian is open to every type of visitor.

Caffé Florian

2.    Designer stores

Piazza San Marco is also famous for its elegant Designer stores. You were shocked when you know the most important thing about designer luxuries is less percent more than American brands. All brands are almost significantly cheaper than American brands.

Piazza San Marco


3.    Acqua Alta

Explain: this place is the highest point of water that the region on Acqua Alta behaves like according to its name. It’s the beauty of Venice. Acqua Alta water has occurred 23 times since 1923.

Acqua Alta

4.    Giardinetti Reali

Napoleon formed in the 19th century. By looks, a Garden suited in Piazza San Marco. There are lots of greenery and flowers around the Giardinetti Reali Garden. This Garden is the beauty of Piazza San Micro. Many tourists spend their quality time feeling relaxed.

Giardinetti Reali

5.    Canale Grande

This fairy canale meets the Piazza San Micrco approximately twenty-five mint distance. It’s a three-kilo-meter-long canale. This Canale Grande makes the Piazza San Marco, Venice more attractive, and also famous for its tremendous bridges.

Canale Grande

6.     St. Mark’s Basilica

Basically, a church founded in 828 AD and a saint mark of the Piazza San Marco, Venice. Another name of St. Mark’s is the royal house It’s famous for its square shape building and is made with real Gold. Also, attached to the palace whose name is Doge. All high society particularly people attached to St. Mark’s for important events.

St. Mark's Basilica

There are the facts also mentioned below:

  • Famous for Swashbuckling tale of kidnapping
  • 105 American football fields covered
  • 500 columns in it….
  • Treasures that came from the Crusades & Constantinople
  • Pala Doro puts the crown jewels
  • Campanile (Bell Tower)
  • Admission to St Mark’s Basilica is free

7.    Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)

Palace was made in the tenth to eleventh centuries and Paolo Lucio Anafesto was the first doge, elected in 697. Shiba Inu is the dog behind the doge that’s the reason called the doge name it reconstructs because it was destroyed by the fire. The last doge was Ludovico Manin.

Doge's Palace)

8.   Campanile Bell Tower

The length of this tower is very high around about 414 steps so, be ready for tiredness but its beauty gonna forget your every stress. If you wanna interested to view the city to climb the tower must enjoy it.

  • Tickets for St Mark’s campanile di San Marco tickets cost €8 to  €6 for a family, and €4 only for children aged 6 to 18.
  • The timing of the bell tower is from morning 8:00 am to evening 7:00 pm.

Campanile Bell Tower

9.    Torre dell’Orologio

St.Mark’sTower clock is, Glorious tower established in 1493. Its clock is very old and also marks the day and night of both timings, moon phases, and zodiac. It’s a very beautiful, historical, and antic piece of art that enhance the beauty of Venice. Since 1493, Emilia Giancarlo Ranieri was the creator of this clock.

Torre dell'Orologio

10.   Museum Combi

Yes, you can visit this world’s most beautiful and popular museums which are placed in Venice with an individual ticket. Piazza San Marco museum is free to visit and open to the public

Museum combi

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