Tour to Taj Mahal 2023|Visit To Taj Mahal Agra

Me here to tell you can tour the taj mahal 2023 on a very enjoyable journey. All of know about the taj mahal’s history It’s a beautiful story there we guide you on how to tour the taj mahal, especially for those who tour taj mahal for the first time. Also, a new couple needs to guidelines to visit the taj mahal. It’s mentioned as the most romantic place and has seven ajoobas!

Taj Mahal ticket

If we talk about how to taj mahal ticket booking? If you have taken entry taj mahal ticket price of ₹ 250 then you can take the entry from there and go up this side.

So now we’re going up. So sir these are all marble steps but it is covered with wood so that it doesn’t get dirty

Taj mahal Cinematic Music*

So sir as you see all the stones are shining so even in the moonlight all these stones glow like this. So it seems that there is some glass but there is no glass all the gems which shine like this even in the moonlight

What it is signing here is actually a stone, not a glass.

Taj Mahal Photography Tips

It is written here that photography is forbidden inside. Photography and videography were not allowed inside the Taj Mahal so I did not shoot inside. Inside you can see the tomb of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz but the duplicate one.

To see this, all the gems you see are not from India, these are all stones brought from outside.

So each stone has been cut and pasted inside the marble. And as I told earlier, whoever does this work, his hands fall and the fingers start bleeding because it is very difficult to work.

Taj Mahal Agra

And this gemstone work still happens in Agra. like you see this green one this is the ’emerald’ that is put in the ring. And the red one you are seeing is ‘coral’, whichever one you put in the ring.

And the second one which is red is ‘oynx thai’ that if you put the light on it, it will sign. Because it is transplanted that’s why it shines on a moonlit night. Finally, we have come out from inside and as you know, the original grave is in the basement and we can’t see it, so what tourists can see is this one, a duplicate one.

And last, of all, this is Arabic language and this is the first chapter of the Quran. So, finally, Our entire tour to explore the Taj Mahal is over, And now we’re getting out of there.

5 taj mahal travel tips

  • I have a few tips for you when you are visiting the Taj Mahal step number one. if you take an uber or a cab and you get dropped off today can’t go all the way in so they can drop you off about a mile away from the actual main gate.
  • Taj Mahal so is prepared to walk or you can take a rickshaw there are some rickshaws standing that can drop you like five hundred meters away from the main gate step number two you cannot take tripods. you cannot take gum water food anything if they give you a free bottle of water .when you buy a ticket aside from that you cannot like take anything else with them so that’s tip number two be prepared because if you have that stuff with you.
  • you’re not gonna be able to go in tip number three there are a lot of people that can approach you as official tour guides of the government official they’ll show you a bad. They’ll make you know this whole big production. My recommendation doesn’t go for the first person you see we did have a nice tour guy that really really helped us out I got him by like an accident by bleeding online.
  •  Another tip when you buy your tickets and you give your money you want to make sure that you count your change because a lot of these ticket agents they’re crooks they will give you. Your tickets or they’ll give you. Your receipt and then they would not give you. Your change and if you’re not paying attention you can miss it just like did think.
  • Its gonna pay for a thirteen hundred rupee ticket charged for an eleven hundred rupee ticket went online to get my free water and free shoes and what happened looked at the receipt and then went to the window and he gave me seven hundred rupees back okay so that’s another tip you just want to make sure that you count your money anywhere you go in India because people are here to make a quick buck they are in there hustlers.
  • Another tip is if you have a good guy gonna know all the angles and take good pictures. We would recommend you bring your DSLR you bring a good camera with you because you know you’re gonna spend a lot of money coming here we paid 1,100 rupees just to get into the main gate just to look and be in here. Tips for the camera so when you get into the area where you actually gonna go on top of the thighs and walk it you have to wear shoe covers so when you buy the ticket to go in they give you free shoe covers and they also give your free bottle of water.

About Taj Mahal

Talking about the experience, do not ask, it is a very fabulous experience. To be honest, I have never seen such a beautiful structure than this in my life such a beautiful it was. The feeling that comes as soon as you enter inside is just Tremendous. And I cannot explain this to you, for this you have to come here yourself and experience. But I can guarantee one thing whenever you come here, your entire trip is going to be successful and memorable.


So come man, this is a wonder of the world present in our India, so why not experience it?


So do man it’s a very beautiful place, very.

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